"Our office looks after your interests in the field of insurances and other financial services."

Who We Are,

Maesstad provides financial services and is based in Rotterdam. We work for companies both big and small and specialise in custom-made solutions for companies providing logistic services. Our approach is based on a personal approach. Our advisors are professional, experienced and up to date about developments taking place on the insurance market. We are happy to take all the time it needs to listen to you. To start with, together with you we assess the risks your business is exposed to. Based on this assessment we conduct all the research needed to provide you with an optimal solution. Maesstad guarantees customised work. We greatly value the quality of our services and appreciate the trust you as an important client put in us.

What We Do,

Our office looks after your interests in the field of insurances and other financial services. We not only help you in making the right choices, but with assessing your situation and risks as well. Risk management will safeguard the continuation of your business. When insuring your business we assess which financial organisation makes the best offer. Naturally we look at which fees are most attractive, but the terms and conditions are just as important, as they eventually determine whether the insurance meets your expectations in case of damage.




If the time comes to collect on the insurance you made, we will look after your interests. We take care of much of the bureaucratic issues to be dealt with, and ensure fast and adequate claim settlement, enabling your business to continue its activities as planned. Our claim settlement officers are mandated to take all decisions that assist in quick and smooth claim settlement. We also keep you informed about new developments in the field of insurances and will timely provide you with advice about them when needed.


Maesstad and the Logistics Sector,

Seaport town, Meuse River town, Rotterdam. We are a typical Rotterdam no-nonsense company and adhere to the motto "actions speak louder than words". This vision perfectly applies to companies that are active in the logistics sector, where efficacy and efficiency are important concepts. The expression "without transport everything stops" motivates us even more in ensuring that your business suffers as little as possible in case of damage. As a result of our experience many companies in this sector have chosen us as their expert and reliable partner in insurances.

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