Our office is allied with Adfiz, the largest trade organisation of independent financial intermediaries in The Netherlands. On their site you can find information about the strict requirements our office should meet as an Adfiz member, among others.

More than ever, issues of professionalism, expertise and integrity receive attention in our sector. Gathering knowledge and keeping it up to date is part of professional management practices. The market regulator AFM (Netherlands Authority of the Financial Markets) prefers evidence of professionalism to be expressed in certifications and establishes requirements to the programs in the framework of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act, Permanent Education (Wft PE). As our firm meets all legal requirements, we entered the Register Financial Services Intermediaries (RiFD register).

We continuously devote much attention to the quality of our services. Nevertheless, it may be that you are not fully satisfied. If that is the case, we invite you to share this with us, because we always take complaints about our services very serious. In this light we have established an internal grievance procedure and are we registered with the Dutch Financial Complaints Institute (KiFiD).


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